How do I set up my account?

Simply enter your mobile number, full name and select a username of 30 characters or less, you'll then receive a short verification number from us by SMS – enter this number and you're all set to start collaborating on lenslife.

Why do you ask for my mobile number?

We wish to create a private and safe network – mobile telephone numbers offer a more secure threshold to achieve this than email addresses or Facebook login. 

Are location services used within lenslife?

They are, but you will be asked before you send your first photo or video whether you wish to turn them off. After that, you may turn them on or off via the settings screen in lenslife.

Is there a cost involved with using lenslife?

The mobile app is free to download and enjoy, although the sending and receiving of images may require usage of your cellular data if your phone is not connected to wifi. 

If you’re a business client, and would like access to lenslife’s cloud-based software service, please send us an email at to arrange a demo and discuss pricing.

How do I add and search for people?

We ask that you allow us access to your phone's address book, and then use this list to identify contacts of yours who are already using lenslife, or you can invite those contacts that aren’t to join via SMS and/or email.  We will never spam your contacts.

Is there a limit to the number of members per group chat?

There's a limit of 50 members per group.

What does muting do?

Muting a person or group means you will still receive moments and comments through that conversation Stream, but you will not receive Push Notifications informing you of the new content.


How do I change my password?

Go to the profile screen in the app, tap on change password and add your new password.

How do I report a person who I think is behaving inappropriately?

Firstly, on the ‘Contacts’ screen, swipe across the person’s name to reveal the ‘Block’ button. Secondly, please send us an email at, Subject: Support, letting us know what happened.

What action might be taken if someone violates the Terms of Use?

At our discretion, that user may have their account frozen or deleted, or they may be banned from using lenslife.

Why have I been banned?

In the event you've been banned, we will contact you and may let you know the reason.

technical difficulties

I can't connect to the app?

You most likely do not have a working data connection. This may be because you don't have cellular data turned on for your phone, or you may be out of range of your cellular carrier's network. To rectify this, turn cellular data back on via the separate 'Settings' app on your phone, or try connecting to wifi.

Why are my messages not being sent?

If you do not have a working data connection, your messages cannot be sent – you may keep taking moments, which will be stored on your phone for you to resend later when your phone restores its data connection via cellular data or wifi.