We live in an image-centric world, one where visual stimulation is paramount – it's no wonder people love sharing photos and videos socially.

The irony, however, is that all our professional communications tools are largely text-centric.

So, therein lies the problem... We found ourselves sharing an increasing amount of visual content by email or through direct messengers like WhatsApp and Slack at work, only to then find that the images we were discussing get lost in translation when reviewed, out of context, within these apps' media storage systems.

If you’re a visual-creative professional, meaning you interact with visual content at work on a daily basis, then you know first-hand how cumbersome it is trying to collaborate with your team and clients in this way.

lenslife is a new type of image-centric direct messenger, one that reimagines the Inbox and heroes the image at all times, allowing you to engage in visual-creative conversations with colleagues and clients effortlessly, and on your phone.


We're a small team from Sydney, Australia, and part of our motivation in building a software services company more usually associated with Silicon Valley was to highlight the excellence of the technical talent pool available in this outpost of the world. This being said, lenslife HQ will be moving to London in early 2019 #goodbyebondi