creative collaboration thrives on lenslife


Working with visual content has never been more manageable.

No more clunky attachments.

No more lengthy email chains.

No more messy text exchanges.

lenslife reimagines the Inbox, and with it your feedback loop.

On lenslife, it’s as easy and efficient to discuss mixed media remotely, online, as it is in person, so your team can be as productive as they would be in a WIP meeting, but from anywhere in the world and at any time.


If you’re:

  • a creative director putting together a storyboard or brainstorming a brief

  • an art director tweaking designs

  • a graphic designer mocking up assets

  • an editorial assistant reviewing images

  • a production assistant previewing footage

  • a fashion buyer planning for the season, considering several collections

  • an interior designer deliberating fixtures

  • an architect marking up plans

  • a stylist pulling for a shoot

  • a publicist liaising with clients

  • a wedding planner dealing with multiple suppliers

  • a creative student compiling their portfolio or working on a group project

lenslife has got you covered.




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